Covid Cover



Our Covid Cover allows you to book your Winter Ski Season with 100% confidence that if your season can not go ahead due to a UK / French / country of residency based Government restriction or due to a full resort closure and order to leave we will cancel your contract and refund any monies paid OVER your booking deposit (Deposits are retained) and no further payments will be due. 


“Government restriction” means a legally binding restriction enforced through government legislation in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic that:


prevents you from leaving your country of residence;

prevents you from entering France;

prevents us from accommodating you at the property;

prevents us from carrying out the work required to prepare the property for you.


Eg: If you have paid in full and a lockdown is introduced before the start of your tenancy we will refund you all monies paid OVER the booking deposit. 


Eg: If you leave on the 01st March you will not be refunded for any period of your stay that has been completed or the month of March as it has commenced but you will not pay for April. 


Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic we have added several clauses below which we intend to be fair and transparent for both the renter and clients. 


How it works


Booking deposit is paid to secure your property or bed for the season. (Non refundable)


100% of the rental balance is paid before the 01/12/2021, this includes your booking deposit. Eg total cost = £2000, Booking deposit paid on booking date = £500, you pay an additional £1500 before the 01/12/2021


100% of damage deposit is paid before the 01/12/2021 (refunded in full in May or on departure if no damage caused)


1 - Deposits are non refundable as they cover operating costs already incurred by Skiseasonbeds before your tenancy begins. Please ensure you have a suitable policy to cover your trip and cancellation in place. 

2 - If the lifts close but non residents are not asked to leave and you can still hike and ski on the mountain no refund will be given.

3 - If the resort is closed and all non residents are asked to depart by the local authorities we will be required to enforce and assist with your departure, you have no right to remain in the property under these circumstances. 

4 - Any regulations imposed by local or national government regarding social distancing, the mixing of people inside and outside, or any other regulation must be adhered to and under no circumstance at all are you exempt from this. If you are found to be ignoring any regulations the local authorities will be informed and you will be asked to leave immediately with the full damage deposit held.  

5 - Skiseasonbeds will do everything we can to assist you throughout your rental period under normal and Coronavirus restrictions and regulations, this is expected to be reciprocal from the tenant.